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Maize cleaning Machines – Gravity and aspirator Separators

This machine cleans grain by size and weight. Impurities bigger than maize grains are disposed of, impurities smaller than maize grains are separated and expelled in the screens chute. The separator is fitted with an Aspirator that removes light fraction impurities like small maize combs, maize dust and chaff.


Dampening – 1st

Clean maize is dampened with water in the dampening conveyor. The grain is then loaded into the dampening silos (middle bins) for 6 to 8 hours. The grain is then fed though conveyors and elevators into the milling silos ready to be milled.



This is a gradual reduction of endosperm into specified flour (SMM) particles size. Maize Germ and Bran are by-products of this process.

Milling: Degermers:

These are impact machines that break the maize into various sizes (chops). The chops are lifted by  elevators into the Plan Sifter. Endosperm with germ is separated. These stocks are ground separately in the Roller Mills. The ground stocks (chops) from the Roller Mills are lifted Pneumatically to the Plan Sifter. SMM is recovered from each Sifter. Big endosperm goes to the roller mills for grinding. This process is repeated until all SMM is recovered.


Fortification with Minerals and Vitamins:

Collected flour is fed into the Microdoser for fortification. The Microdoser is primed to fortify at the set rate recommended by the Ministry of Health and, tested and passed by KEBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards).

Fortified SMM Is bagged off, weighed and taken to packing. Our packing staff have food handlers’ certificates and have been issued with personal protective equipment and uniforms for hygienic production of SMM.

The packed SMM is then moved to the warehouse where it is stacked in pallets for stock control and dispatch to happy customers. We continue to grow our clientele across the country and are grateful to our customers and distributors for continued growth and look forward to serving them with passion and our custom of quality.

Bellamy Milling is a member of the Cereal Millers Association (CMA) an industry association of the largest millers in Kenya. We adhere to the strict code of conduct of CMA to deliver consistently quality and wholesome products to our customers. 

We are listed in various modern trade outlets like Naivas Supermarkets, Quickmart supermarkets, Twiga Foods, Magunas Supermarkets, Muhindi mweusi supermarkets, Waeconmatt supermarkerts among others. For General trade we deal with wholesalers and distributers appointed per county.